What People like You are saying about Francine:

Francine brings both a joyful and a calm energy to her coaching.  Through thoughtful questions, she is able to get to the heart of a belief that is holding you back.  Her robust laughter is a wonderful reminder that the process need not be a heavy one.  Working with her will help you break through whatever has been keeping you small and you will have fun while doing so!"  -Tricia Boulet

Francine has a wonderful ability to listen, to get to the heart of the matter and to lead one — through discussion, questions and laughter — into seeing alternative ways of looking at situations and issues in their lives.  In doing this she not only gives one insights into themselves but a way to grow and change as a person."  - Arva Brierley

Francine is the gentlest of souls that helped me find my way through the confusion of the thoughts in my mind that were hampering my happiness and smoothness in my journey through life.  She is able to visualize and help one move into a clean and pain free world that awaits us all if we choose to move toward it  .  .  ."   - Jeff Pasquier

Francine’s honesty, humor and genuine humility to share and put it all out there was contagious and allowed me to connect whole heartedly with her knowledge and the teachings she shared.  Taking this course helped me regain confidence in how I choose to deal with the world and remember to let the light shine through the cracks!"  - Tina Cole

Francine was fantastic!  I would rate her a +10.  I thought she was really great.  She was very knowledgeable on different coaching techniques.  Also, she has the most soothing voice which was great for techniques such as grounding exercise, body scans, visualizations.  Also, she was really good at keeping the students focused and able to extract key points from sometimes lengthy stories and explanations."  - Sarah Szwakob

Francine evidently has a special gift, both for yoga and for personal therapy.  I have worked with her for one year and she has helped me, quite simply, change my life.  I have a new and clearer sense of personal direction and I am conscious of living more fully, day to day."  - Pat Eberle Eberle

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